How We Recorded The Tony Fernandes Podcast

tony fernandes air asia podcast asia tech podcast
This episode of The Podcast Show is the backstory to the Tony Fernandes Podcast we published on Asia Tech Podcast.

Highlights of this behind the scenes podcast with Graham and Bharath:

  • How we got lucky in landing Tony
  • How much did we practise before the meeting?
  • Insight into our road studio
  • Discussion on Microphones and Mixers for outside broadcast recording
  • Why we record audio + video, and what software we use
  • What we’re doing to help fellow podcasters get in the game by trying out our podcast studio

Tony Fernandes is CEO of AirAsia and one of Asia’s most well known business leaders. Like many A-List Business celebrities, everyone wants a piece of him. That’s why getting Tony Fernandes on as a guest for Asia Tech Podcast wasn’t easy. It took 8 months of planning, numerous rescheduling (we even had our flights booked on one occasion) and a lot of patience. But, T-Day (Tony Day) finally came round and we packed our studio into cases and took a flight (AirAsia of course) to Kuala Lumpur to meet Tony himself.

In this podcast we discuss what it took to finally land the podcast with Tony and the equipment we used. We’ve recorded over 200 podcasts together in studio and on the road for Asia Tech Podcast – so we’ve stress tested a lot equipment. If you’re curious about podcast tech then check our our Road Studio Cheat Sheet below.

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tony fernandes air asia podcast asia tech podcast
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