Podcasting is Difficult (and that’s why you should do it)

How to Podcast by The Podcast Show

Course Intro

Here’s a short 1 minute intro to set expectations. Podcasting is difficult, and that’s exactly the reason why you should do it. The barrier to entry creates the value. Podcasting ain’t easy and that derails most unprepared podcasters. It’s not simply a case of pressing record and you’re done. There is a process, there is production, there is guest management. Then you have to hustle the podcast, they don’t get listeners by themselves. Master these and you’ll build a powerful communication channel and a tribe of followers.
🎧 Welcome to The How to Podcast Course by Graham Brown.

How to Podcast Course Intro:

📙Before you get started... podcasting is difficult

Course Lessons:

📙Lesson 1 (Setup)
📙Lesson 2 (Recording)
📙Lesson 3 (Questions)
📙Lesson 4 (Editing)
📙Lesson 5 (Guests)
📙Lesson 6 (Hosting)

Course Bonus

📙Podcasting isn't Interviewing
📙Why is Podcasting Becoming Popular?
📙How Long Should Your Podcast Be?

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