Podcast Try Out Session

podcast studio
Want to start your own podcast?

Curious to know what it takes but don’t know where to start?

Or are you ready to go but don’t have time and unlimited budget to build your own studio?

Why not try out podcasting using our professional recording studio in Singapore?

You get the backup of our experienced team of podcasters + podcast engineers. Save $1000s and countless hours on buying equipment. Our pro grade podcasting studio has everything you need to get in the game – including our own experienced sound engineer who’ll guide you on how to use the mics.

What is the Podcast Try Out Session?

Here’s what you get:
– 30 minutes recording time
– 15 minutes onboarding and feedback from our studio engineer
– Audio & video files
– Advice on equipment, setup and distribution from our studio team

You get to walk away with your audio + video files (which you can edit and share on social media accordingly). You also get to take pics in studio which you can share on your social channels.

How do I join a Podcast Try Out Session?

Podcast try out sessions at our Singapore studio are limited by availability. Please click the calendar and consult available dates to book your session.