About The Podcast Show

“Eat it like an Ice Cream”
Podcast hosts Graham Brown and K Bharath discuss the “how to” of launching a successful podcast in Asia. They discuss everything from the business aspects of podcasting to the technical know-how of using a Shure SM7B microphone (“eat it like an ice cream!”).

With over 500 podcast episodes produced between us, we’ve learned how to podcast through years of trial and error. Whether it’s buying the wrong microphone, building a studio or forgetting to hit RECORD when you sit with a much-anticipated guest, we’ve done the failing for you so you don’t have to repeat those costly mistakes.


Long Bio:Graham D Brown

  • Published over 500 Podcast Episodes
  • Podcast host of Pitchdeck Asia, The Podcast Show and Asia Tech Podcast.
  • Founder of Pitch Media Asia – Asia’s largest Podcast Media House
  • Published author: titles include “Brand Love: How to Build a Brand Worth Talking About”, “The Mobile Youth: Voices of the Mobile Generation”, “Public Speaking Like a Pro” and “The Asia Matters Report”.
  • Education: BA Cog Psy & Artificial Intelligence (University of Sussex | UK), Entrepreneurship (Harvard Business School | HBX)
  • Founded mobileYouth in 2000, the world’s first youth focused telecoms company, growing the company to 35 staff, with 620 clients in 45 countries and appearing on CNN, CNBC, BBC TV, in the Financial Times, The Guardian and Wall Street Journal. Graham spoke at Mobile World Congress and at the UN. mobileYouth shaped the marketing strategy of clients such as UNICEF, MTV, The European Commission, Disney and Monster Energy Drinks.
  • Moved to Tokyo in 1995 at the end of the Japanese Bubble era and participated in the rollout of the world’s first consumer mobile internet services (NTT DoCoMo’s iMode).
  • Speaks Japanese, Spanish and English and has been traveling the world full time with his family since 2012, living in New Zealand, the UK, the Canary Islands in Spain, Okinawa in the East China Sea, Japan and Singapore.
  • Ironman Triathlon finisher

Bio:Graham D Brown

Graham Brown is an public speaker, podcast host and entrepreneur. He is a published author on the subject of marketing and innovation, works including “The Mobile Youth: Voices of the Connected Generation” which documented the rise of mobile culture in the early 2000s in Japan, China, Africa and India and The Asia Matters Report, the story of innovation and The Asian Century. Graham is the founder of Pitch Media Asia – Asia’s largest Podcast Media House, where he also hosts the Asia Tech Podcast, The Podcast Show and Pitchdeck Asia shows. His work has been featured in the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal and has helped shaped the technology marketing strategy of clients such as UNICEF, MTV, Disney and Monster Energy Drinks.

About Pitch Media Asia

We turn ideas into podcasts. We are a Podcast Media House that creates podcasts in both audio and video, for startups, corporates and storytellers. We have produced over 500 podcasts including Asia Tech Podcast.

The Pitch Media Asia Team

pitch media asia team
Founded by Graham D Brown, Pitch Media based in Singapore is a team of entrepreneurs passionate about podcasting.

Pitch Media Asia different from most podcasters in that:
1) We are a team with hosts, sound engineers and show producers
2) We are a full time revenue making Podcast business not a hobby
3) We believe podcasting is a format not a medium (see our Pitch Manifesto on podcasting)
4) We built and run our own dedicated professional podcast studio.

The Pitch Media Asia Network

Pitch Media Asia – Asia’s largest podcast media house
Asia Tech Podcast – the original podcast series by Graham D Brown
The Podcast Show – how to podcast
Pitchdeck Asia – helping startups tell their story
Pitch a Podcaster – connecting podcast hosts and guests
PitchPod.Asia – contextualizing podcasts to help listeners find the stories they’ll love
PodcastStudio.Asia – our studio for hire, plus a few we’ll add along the way